Do I really need life insurance?

None of us like to admit we are growing old and may need to think about life insurance, but sadly with the exception of Peter Pan, it is something that happens to us all. As part of getting older, we have to take responsibility for our own finances; this especially comes into to play when we have a family of our own or buy our first home. In the excitement it is easy to overlook the boring but essential details. When you are playing with your new baby, or standing in your new hallway, the last thing you are thinking (although somewhere in the back of your mind you probably know you should be) is what would happen if anything un-expected were to happen to you or your partner – if you haven’t already, now is the time to be thinking of getting life insurance.

The truth is, less the half the UK population currently hold life insurance policies, which when you consider the peace of mind it could give their loved ones, is a simply mind-blowing figure. So why do so few of us have it, especially when the premiums can be very reasonable.

Well, lets face it – it isn’t exactly the most exciting thing to buy, and with all the press horror stories about companies that wouldn’t pay out for this or that, we kind of let slip from our minds the positive benefits it provides. This combined with our “it will never happen to me” attitude is why so few of us bother, putting off till tomorrow what really should be done today.

So, you, like many others are probably sat here thinking, “Ok, so maybe it is important – perhaps I should look into it…” but now where. Luckily there are a multitude of helpful and friendly sites to help you work out what policy, and level of cover is best for you, your family and your situation. Companies are starting to wise up to the fact that one of the main reasons people don’t take out life insurance is because it all seems just too complicated and are more increasingly using site designs that allow you to just feed your details in and it gives you a quote. Which if, like me, you are easily confused are ideal and as they only take a few minutes to fill out, removes the “I haven’t got time” excuse.

No more long, boring meetings with financial planners, no more confusing jargon, just you, a keyboard and a mug of coffee (or tea if that is your preference) during a break and you are set. It really is that quick and easy to arrange your life insurance, so what are you waiting for…


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